Southgate Property Management rebrand to Trove Property Management

We are so excited to be launching as Trove Property Management on the 29th September.   We are already being asked 'Why Trove?'.....

Well to tell the story.  It is actually a whole lot harder than I ever imagined to rename your business - particularly in property management where there are literally thousands of registered property management business names.  After numerous unsuccessful attempts we decided to engage the services of Scott Carslake and Anthony DeLeo of Voice Design to assist us with concept and branding.

After conducting some research into Southgate Property Management a common message about how we were perceived in the market was 'trusted' and 'proven'.  From these two words, Trove was born.  Interestingly a 'Trove' is a store of valuable things.  Given that we care for our clients most valuable assets we felt this was a great fit.

So here we are!!  Proud to sing to the rooftops that we are a specialist property management company. 


Same Ownership, Same Team, Same Commitment - New Name.

Posted on Tuesday, 25 September 2018
by Rebecca Day in Latest News


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