Listed below are answers to the most commonly asked tenancy questions;

1. How will you find my tenant?

Within 24 hours of listing your property we will be generating exposure to attract the best tenants. Immediately we will cross match your property with all prospective tenants on our Inspect Real Estate database, display your property on our rental stock list (available from McLaren Vale & Moana offices) and place it in our prominent window display. Additionally the most essential element of the marketing campaign is the internet and to ensure your properties maximum exposure it will be easily found and presented with pictures on both our prominent web site and Australia’s No 1. Real Estate web site – (along with and, ensuring tenants can access information on your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Depending upon market conditions local press advertising may also be suitable. At the end of each week you will be emailed a detailed report showing the number of inquiries received, show throughs conducted and applications received for your property.

2. How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

Often a suitable tenant can be sourced from our database, providing very quick results. Alternatively if a tenant is sourced from marketing this process generally takes around 2 – 3 weeks. If you are purchasing a new investment property in most cases it is possible to source a tenant prior to settlement. It is our aim to ensure the best quality tenant is sourced in the shortest possible time, ensuring your investment return is maximised.

3. How do you qualify prospective tenants?

All tenancy applications received at Southgate Property Management are thoroughly reference checked inclusive of identification, means of income, previous tenancy references and workplace references. Additionally we check all tenants against the National Tenancy Information Centre of Australia which records details of defaulting tenants. Only candidates who pass this screening process are put forward to you to consider.

4. Do you do inspections?

Absolutely. Prior to the commencement of any tenancy a thorough and detailed initial inspection will be conducted of your property and accompanied with photographs. This is a crucial element of the management process as it details the condition and cleanliness of all aspects of your property. It is expected that your tenant maintain your property to this standard. Additionally the initial inspection report is a key tool in dispute resolution with your tenant.

During the course of the tenancy routine inspections will be conducted every 12 weeks. During these inspections it is expected that the property is maintained in the same condition as at the commencement of the lease, and as per the initial inspection report. If there are areas’ of your property that are not being maintained satisfactorily we will discuss these with the tenants and organise to carry out follow up inspections to ensure these items are remedied.

5. How often will I receive statements and payments?

We generate rental statements on, or on the nearest to the last working day of the month, and deposit monies directly into your account via electronic funds transfer. We also offer a mid month payment at no additional cost. Statements will be received immediately via email with all copies of any paid invoices attached which makes filing easy. End of Financial Year summary statements are generated and delivered on the 1st day of July each year.

6. Can you pay other bills relating to my property?

Absolutely, and highly recommended. Any bills relating to the property such as rates, water, insurances and levy’s can be addressed directly to us for payment. This is a very effective way of maintaining all the relevant expense records for your property. A copy of any account paid will be attached to your electronic statement. All expenses paid are included in your summary statement at the end of each financial year making tax time easy.

7. Do I have to insure the property?

Yes. It is the Landlords responsibility to maintain appropriate building, public liability and fixed contents (for items such as air conditioners, window treatments etc not covered by building insurance) on the premises. It is the responsibility of the tenant to insure their personal belongings / contents.

8. How do you follow up rental arrears?

Southgate Property Management monitor our rental arrears daily and pride ourselves on our excellent arrears record. Our rental arrears procedure is as follows;

  • 3 days in arrears - SMS to tenant
  • 5 days in arrears - phone call to tenant
  • 7 days in arrears - SMS to tenant
  • 10 days in arrears - SMS to tenant
  • 13 days in arrears - phone call to tenant
  • 15 days in arrears – Form 2 Termination notice served in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act

9. Can you guarantee that the tenant will pay the rent on time and won’t damage my property?

Unfortunately no agent can guarantee that, however we can severely reduce the possibility of this occurring with careful tenant selection, excellent arrears control and thorough routine inspections. Ensuring your property is maintained to high standards will also attract the best quality tenants to apply for your property, further reducing the risk.

Having adequate Landlord Protection Insurance in the event of a defaulting tenant is also highly recommended.

10. What is Landlord Protection Insurance?

Highly recommended to all landlords, Southgate Property Management can arrange for Landlord Protection Insurance to cover for loss of rent, malicious damage, contents and public liability protection. In the event of any claim, our team are experienced in ensuring your receive the best outcome from your insurer.

Southgate Property Management highly recommend Property Insurance Plus, Terri Scheer and MGA Insurance Brokers. For more information please refer to the Landlord Protection page on our web site.

11. Does the tenant pay for water?

Yes. It is a tenant responsibility to pay for all water usage, and for the quarterly supply charge. It is a landlord responsibility to pay for the Sewer Levy and Save the River Murray Levy. Unfortunately SA Water does not provide seperate bills for Landlord and Tenant and the water bill remains in the name of the Landlord. Southgate Property Management on bill your tenant for their water usage and the supply charge every quarter, ensuring your expenses are minimised.

The tenant has 21 days to pay the invoice once it is received and appropriate action is taken against any late payments.

Please note for this service to occur, Southgate Property Management must be provided with each quarterly SA Water account.

12. Do you have reliable trades people?

Yes. Southgate Property Management have excellent relationships with a variety of trades, ensuring excellent workmanship and value for money prices for our clients. For more information please refer to our Trades Directory on our web site.

13. How much will it cost for you to manage my property?

At Southgate Property Management you will be charged an ongoing management percentage, which is based on a sliding scale, dependent upon the weekly rental your property is achieving. For detailed information on our fee structure, or for a free information pack, please contact Rebecca Day on 0407 729 998 after hours or 8386 1555.

14. How do I switch managing agents?

If you are looking to make a switch, regardless of whether your property is vacant or tenanted, it is a very simple process that we can take care of.  Once notification is provided to the current agent in writing (usually by email), we will organise to obtain & collect all required information from the agent, including files, keys, bond transfers etc.  We will also introduce ourselves to your tenant and advise of the impending change.  If your property is tenanted there is NO cost to switch agencies.  Please contact us for more information on 8386 1555. 




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