Listed below are helpful hints in the event you require any maintenance or repairs.

No Water

If you have no water the first thing to do is to check that your water meter has not been turned off – pranksters have been known to do so. Next check whether other people in the street are affected to eliminate whether SA Water are working in your area. If it just your property that is affected, turn on a number of taps and see if your water meter ticks over. If it is ticking over, but no flow it is likely there is a blockage on the Landlord side of the meter, and you will need to contact your property manager. If the meter is not ticking over it is most likely a blockage on the SA Water side of the meter. SA Water can be contacted directly at no charge to repair the problem, or you can contact your property manager to organise these works for you.

No Hot Water

Firstly ensure you are receiving water to the property.

If you have a gas hot water heater you will need to check that your pilot light is lit. It is common for them to extinguish and there are usually instructions on how to light your pilot light on the heater. It is a tenant responsibility to light the pilot light, however if after several attempts you are unable to light it you will need to contact your property manager to ensure there is no fault with the unit. Please note that if a tradesperson is called and the pilot light can be lit simply the cost will be on charged to the tenant.

If you have an electric hot water heater you will need to check the power board to see if the hot water switch is on, and to ensure the safety switch has not been triggered. It is also important to check the unit to ensure it is not leaking which is often a sign the unit has had it’s day! If your power supply is indicating it is on you will need to contact your property manager.

Please note that if you have ‘off peak’ hot water and are using hot water during the day for clothes washing, it can be possible to run out of hot water – please take your usage and the capacity of the unit into consideration when determining if your unit has a fault.

No Power

The most common source of power loss is an actual power outage, so first and foremost please check other in the street, or contact ETSA directly.

The second most common source of power loss is a tripped safety switch. Please check you electricity meter – if your safety switch is ‘off’ it has been triggered and needs to be turned back to ‘on’ to regain power. If it trips again there is usually an appliance within the house or garage that is causing this to do so, or an overloaded switch board. Please systematically turn off all your appliances, including fridges, dishwashers, electric cooktops, washing machines, irons etc and repeat turning on your safety switch to determine the faulty appliance. Fridges oddly enough are a common cause.

If you still are unable todetermine the cause you will need to contact your property manager who will organise for a licensed electrician to attend the premises.

Water Leak

For all water leaks, please contact your property manager. If you have a major water leak you will need to locate you water meter and turn the water off immediately to avoid any further damage.

Storm / Natural Disaster Damage

For all natural disaster / storm damage please contact your property manager. Additionally you may need to contact Emergency Services on 132500 who will assist with tree removal, storm damage etc.

Please note for all emergency maintenance please contact our office on 8386 1555 and leave a detailed message including your name, property address and contact details and our office will return your call. If you have a serious emergency please contact ‘000’ directly for Police Fire and Ambulance attendance.

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